Wilddog-lycon pictus

//Wilddog-lycon pictus

Wilddog-lycon pictus

A pack is lead by the Alpha male and Alpha female, they are followed on the family rank by the Beta pair which takes over the leadership role if anything happens to the Alpha pair. The Alpha pair has the responsibility of breeding, no other members of the pack is allowed to breed, they assist in raising the cubs of the Alpha pair. Sub adult males and females have to leave the pack if they have to start breeding.

Wild dogs are cooperative breeders, they live in packs of about 12 to up to 30 dogs. The are known to be the most successful cursorial hunters which run down their quarry at a speed of 40km/hr until it gets tied. Their method of killing is disembowelment which is arguably one method which does not give a lot of pain compared to other methods used by other predators.


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