Walking With Lions

Walking With Lions


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Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy taking the cubs into the bush as part of conservation programme, get to witness the cubs as they explore their natural surroundings and hone the skills they will need when they are released into phase two to fend for themselves as a pride.

Guests will take part in these walks accompanied by expert guides, who the lions recognise as the senior pride members. Learn about the light of Africa’s lions as you walk alongside them and see them play, learn to hunt and stalk or even occasionally even witness a successful hunt!! There will be incredible photographic opportunities even though there is no guarantee that you will have contact with the cubs. Activity is done in the morning, mid-morning and late afternoon.


  • wear natural colours that blend with the bush
  • wear closed shoes & long trousers
  • no bright colours especially red
  • breakfast is provided during morning walks
  • no dangly items
  • age 15 years and above
  • 1.5 metres tall

Price $ 155.00 per person


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