Khulu Bush Camp is Hwange National Park’s quintessential luxury safari lodge. Inspired by the breath-taking splendour of its natural surrounds, Khulu Bush Camp reflects Africa’s timeless wonder and natural beauty, providing you with the ultimate and utterly unforgettable safari experience. Khulu Bush Camp is a tribute to Cedric Wilde, one of the Directors of the Amalinda Safari Collection, who it is named after. Khulu is the community and staff’s affectionate name for Cedric and it

3 Days Kruger Safari Tour

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Tour Summary Come and join us for 3 idyllic days and 2 unforgettable nights on this excellent budget guided safari, designed to suit every pocket. Collection in Nelspruit You will be picked up by your guide in Nelspruit and on to the Gate of the Kruger National Park. Day 1: Nelspruit – Kruger Park From the Kruger Gate we start our game drive slowly making our way to the camp for lunch (own account) game
Hippos walk at the bottom of the rivers of dams and do not swim as per se. The create a negative buoyancy by breathing out before submerging and this allows them to walk under water. Hippos have enormous ,powerful muzzles that can stretch wide open. Their lower canines are modified into huge tusks that grow continuously and may reach 30-50 cm long. A hippo will defend itself and its young with these well adapted weapons

The Victoria falls

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Victoria falls, is one of the Seven natural wonders in Zimbabwe. It is a must visit destination for all those looking forward to visit Zimbabwe.

Zebra-Equus Burchelli

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Zebras have a unique stripe pattern, a barcode or fingerprint so to speak. When young zebra are born, the mare will screen her foal from any other zebra until her own stripe pattern has imprinted on the youngster, ensuring recognition.