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The second largest city in the country welcomes you with a handshake and a “Dumilani” (hello/good morning!). Home to many Kalanga natives and often referred to as the Capital of the North, Francistown is a vibrant destination perfect for an overnight during a luxury African safari.

The city was named after the British prospector and miner Daniel Francis, who acquired prospecting licenses in 1869, eventually becoming director of the Tati Concessions Company. Francis and other prospectors often used ancient gold shafts as guiding points for their prospecting, or they simply carried on the mining which had been started in those shafts generations ago. The city is still surrounded by old, abandoned mines.

Today the remains of the Botswana gold rush tell a story about the discovery in the city and can be viewed at the museum. This Botswana city is close to the Tati and Inchwe River confluence, a few kilometres from the Zimbabwe border. The city can be self-explored and is home to restaurants and supermarkets.The main road northwest of Francistown gives passage to Maun and the Okavango Delta, Kasane and Chobe National Park, Livingstone, Zambia and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Common Kalanga phrases include:

Good morning. How are you? — Dumilani. Mamuka tjini?
I am fine thanks — Tamuka totibathu
What is your name? — Zina lilo/labo/lenyu ndiani?
Who are you? — Ndi ingwi ani?
I do not know Kalanga well — Anditoziba tjikalanga zwibuyanana
I come from… — Ndodwa ku…
It was nice meeting you — Ndoshatha kushangana na’ngwi
How much is this thing? — Kuthu ikoku kodana bungana?
Thank you — Ndaboka
It is very hot — Kopisa kwazo

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