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Half Day Birding Experience

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Tour Price

$160.00 Per Person

About this Activity

We set out in the early hours of the morning in pursuit of the endemic star bird of the area, the Schalow’s Turaco, heading straight to a site just above the Victoria Falls. Upon reaching this site, we disembark our comfortable safari vehicle for a short walk to the edge of the Zambezi River. Here, you will witness a magical African sunrise as you feel the cool spray of the Falls and view the coppery-tailed Coucal.

​Several other interesting species of bird can also be spotted along the famous Zambezi Drive. This includes the Collared Palm Thrush, the Ashy Flycatcher and the Trumpeter Hornbill, as well as the crepuscular falcon-like Bat Hawk. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars! With a bit of luck, you may even spot the African Finfoot floating down the mighty Zambezi as you explore the area.

​Upon exhausting the Zambezi Drive birdlife, we head towards Zambezi National Park, where we will spend the rest of the morning. A delicious “Guide’s Breakfast” will be served by the river. As you sip on your coffee or tea, keep a look out for the Giant Kingfisher on the lower branches of the trees close to the water or the small but beautiful Malachite Kingfisher sitting on a straw of reed along the riverbank.

​After your tasty breakfast, it’s time to chase the high flyers. Tawny Eagles, Western Banded Snake Eagles, Martial Eagles and various species of keen-eyed scavenging vulture are typically soaring the skies around this time, and it’s a sight that you don’t want to miss. The melodious Bearded Scrub Robin or White-Browed Scrub Robin tend to provide the entertainment as we wrap up the 5-hour tour.

    A soft drink
    Breakfast (tea/coffee, toast, egg, yoghurt, bacon, baked beans, a fruit, fruit juice and tomato)
    A professional guide

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