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Livingstone Island & Devils Pool Tour

Tour Price

Morning Breeze - $153.00 Per Person
Lunch Tour - $ 200.00 Per Person
High Tea - $183.00 Per Person

About this Activity

If you’re looking to flirt with the wild side, swimming in one of world’s most fascinating natural pools of water, Devil’s Pool, can be experienced during your guided tour of Livingstone Island. This isn’t your ordinary swim in an infinity pool, but a daring dip on the very edge of the Victoria Falls. Brave swimmers will get to experience the ultimate thrill of peering over the brim of the largest curtain of falling water.
Did you know… guided tours to Livingstone Island have a 100% safety record. It is illegal to visit the Island with a private guide or on your own.

Devil’s Pool is open during the drier months of the year, usually between mid August and mid January, when the Zambezi water levels are low enough for swimmers to take the plunge.

    Livingstone Island Tour
    Devils Pool

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