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Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Great Zimbabwe Ruins (sometimes just called Great Zimbabwe) are sub-Saharan Africa’s most important and largest stone ruins. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1986, the large towers and structures were built out of millions of stones balanced perfectly on top of one another without the aid of mortar.

Great Zimbabwe gave modern its name as well as its national emblem — an eagle carved stylishly out of soapstone which was found at the ruins. Visiting the Great Zimbabwe ruins was a highlight of my trip to that country, and they should not be missed. The skill with which the stones were laid is impressive given the lack of mortar. The Great Enclosure is quite something, with walls as high as 36 feet extending approximately 820 feet. You need a full day to explore the 3 main areas that are of interest, the Hill Complex (which also offers wonderful views), the Great Enclosure and the museum. The museum holds many of the artifacts found among the ruins including pottery from China

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