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Mana Pools National Park

Manapools National Park is a World heritage Site based on its pure wilderness and beauty, It is home to a wide range of mammals, over 350 bird species and aquatic wildlife.

Manapools National Park is rated the 5th best park in Africa by Gateway magazine. It is a

Renowned World Heritage Site for its pure wilderness and beauty-(still has dinosaur spoors)
TFCA- Transfrontier Conservation Area
Ramsar Site
BA – Important Bird Area.
MIKE Site-Monitoring of Illegal killing of elephants.
Bio-Sphere reserve- One of the world’s wildest and preserved natural ecological areas

​During the rains, most of the big game animals move away from the river and into the escarpment. They start returning to the riverine areas from around April, as the pans in the bush dry up. As the year progresses, increasingly large herds of elephants and buffalos are seen, as well as kudu, eland, waterbuck, zebra, impala and many other antelope.The game is very relaxed about people on foot, making Manapools one of Africa’s best national parks for walking safaris

​The Park is at the Centre of a network of protected areas in Zimbabwe which stretch from Kariba to the Mozambique border. Manapools  is located in Mashonaland West Province and falls under the ambit of the Hurungwe Rural District Council for higher level administrative purposes. There are over 20 000 km² of wildlife protected land in the vicinity of Manapools. It is in the Middle Zambezi Valley covering an area of 2196 square kilometers (848 square miles) extending from the Zambezi River in the north to the escarpment in the south. A timeless wilderness considered by many to be the Jewel of Zimbabwe and  a Treasure for Africa.

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