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Matobo National Park

The park of international acclaim occupies a total area of 44 500 hectares . Established in 1953, the park was awarded World Heritage Status in June 2003. The park is an Intensive Protection Zone for endangered black and white rhinoceros. The park offers a diverse package of tourist attractions and activities.

The park is rich in cultural history which is resembled in numerous cultural and historical sites. The park is located 34 kilometres south of Bulawayo along the Kezi / Maphisa road. The main road to Maleme is tarred while all other park roads are gravel and mostly in good condition.

The park is well known for its unique balancing rock features with the popular “mother and child” balancing rocks. There are curio souvenir sales crafted by the local communities around the park.

The park has a quiet and unpolluted environment idea for outdoor outings with friends, family, schools, churches, and corporates

The park is excellent for educational trips for schools, colleges and universities. The park is rich in history, geography and tourism aspects for students learning.

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