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Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park information on the Chobe National Park takes its name from the Chobe river. The Chobe river forms the northern boundary and protects about 11700 square km. Its vegetation varies from lush floodplains to the scorched Savuti marsh. Chobe is a classic big game country where herds of buffalo and elephant attain legendary proportions.

The northern part of Chobe lies next to the Chobe River. This river road allows for excellent game viewing along the Chobe river drive. Animals need to come and drink water. Large raptors are nesting close to the Chobe river, and water birds are abundant and migrating birds.

Chobe National park includes Savuti in the south of the park. Savuti is 5-6 hours south of the Chobe River Front. Savuti has one large public campsite close to the Savuti Marsh.

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