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Elephant Interaction Tour

$100.00 Per Person


2.5 Hours


Transfers Included


Elephant Interaction

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Minimum 2 Guests

A Taste Of What To Expect..

The Elephant Encounter affords guests the opportunity to unobtrusively observe some of the biggest personalities in Africa, in a pristine wilderness environment overflowing with raw natural beauty. Guests spend time and connect with elephants in the most positive and natural way possible.

Guests will have an opportunity to talk to guides that have journeyed – physically and metaphorically, incredible distances with these elephant , and learn more about the complexities of the individuals and the herd structures. Guests will learn about the elephant as well as their history and how they came to be in our care as well as the threats facing elephant populations today, in an interesting and informative talk.
Guests will venture out into the bush to spend time with the elephant and the sight of the gentle grey mammals up close and personal will be imprinted on guests’ minds’ long after they have returned home. Witness the special relationship the elephant keepers share with the animals and become a part of it. You will have the opportunity to take photographs with the elephants, marvel at their size and watch them behaving normally; browsing and interacting with one another.




    National Park Entrance Fees
    Visa Fees

What To Bring

    Sun Hat
    Walking Shoes
    Mosquito Repellent

Age Restriction

    Adults Only

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